Bath`s Historic Jewish Cemetery

Friends of Bath Jewish Burial Ground

The Bath Jewish Burial Ground is located at 1 Greendown Place, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5DD.
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The Bath Jewish Burial Ground is one of many religious sites which 

developed in the Georgian era as visitors to Bath, and the local community 

which served them,increased in number. This cemetery was established 

in 1812, outside the City in the suburb village of Combe Down.

The site is on the junction of Bradford Road and Greendown Lane. 

It is one of the very few relics of the now vanished Bath

Hebrew Congregation.

The Friends of Bath Jewish Burial Ground was set up in 2005 by the Combe Down

Heritage Society and the local Jewish Communities. The aim of the group is to

conserve the site for public access and to restore the small Georgian building on the

site to house an educational resource.

By 2005, the burial ground had become very neglected and was totally overgrown. Two

volunteers from the Combe Down Heritage Society cleared the ground to reveal some

forty nine tombs dating from between 1812 and 1923. Since that time the Friends have

raised money to re-roof the small building, which was sometime a prayer house and a

care taker`s cottage. Bulging and crumbling walls have been secured but need restoration work; the Victorian wrought iron gates have been renovated and some essential conservation work has been undertaken on the tomb stones. 

In 2016 we commissioned our educational display which have already been 

loaned out and can be viewed on site on our open days 

We have raised £4100 towards urgent work to the face of the external wall; when that is completed we will need to address the state of the internal wall faces. 

Current funding aims are £2100 to restore the tomb of the famous dentist 

Joseph Sigmond. £600 to make site more accessible.

Although the structure of the little prayer house/cottage is now secure; 

finishing the work will cost about £500

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All donations go directly toward the maintenance and restoration of the cemetery.